Lof prebiotics immune life

◈ What is Probiotics?

A generic term for beneficial probiotics that metabolize organic matter in soil, water, and in the living body of animals and plants and produce various polyphenols, vitamins, hormones, ethanol, and growth promoters.

◈ What is Prebiotics?

A material that opens a new chapter in the microbiological world by activating the best probiotics, collectively referred to as environmental and environmental objects in which mesophilic and high-temperature beneficial probiotics are active.

 ◈ Prebiotics in everyday life?

Barley, miso, fermented kimchi, salted fish, wine, yogurt, cheese, and bran for malt composition as mesophilic microbial activators are good prebiotics.

Introduction to Technology

LOF Prebiotics for Thermophilic Microbial is a non-digestible oligosaccharide extracted from nature composite polymer . Due to its clinically-researched prebiotics abilities, Thermophilic Microbial Prebiotics is able to revitalize the gut by increasing the numbers of beneficial bacteria that decline with advancing age, poor diet, and antibiotic use.

 Cosmetics sector (ORCOS) 오르코스

ORCOS Ultra Repair Total Cream


Before going to sleep, apply it on the face intensively to restore the environment of beneficial microorganisms on the skin. It helps to remove blemishes and regenerate the skin by eradicating harmful bacteria.It protects the wounded skin from spoilage by the growth of beneficial bacteria.

 Food sector  (ACTCIN)액씬


 Many people do not have the levels of gut-friendly bacteria they should, due to antibiotic use, advancing age, and poor diet. LOF Prebiotics is a proprietary prebiotic that acts as food for beneficial bacteria, thus boosting their populations.

 Coffee sector  (SQUANTO) 스콴토


Squanto coffee is a healthy coffee as it is.

*Enhanced antioxidant function
*LOF Prebiotics Coffee in a Clean Process 2
*Enhanced diuretic activity
*Decaffeinated coffee

 Agriculture (ACTCIN SOIL) 액씬쏘일


 It provides pH balance and beneficial microbial environment to the soil and crops.It also provides calcium to crops.

 Feed sector (ACTCIN TOV)액씬토브


 Supplementary feed that restores beneficial microbial environment by adding it to feed for livestock or fish farms

 Environmental sector (DEO ACTCIN)데오액씬


 It restores cleanliness through microbial order restoration in places where there is a bad smell due to harmful bacteria